About Us

Teck Wei TeamTeck Wei is led by a team of passionate automotive industry veterans & motoring consultants who, with their wealth of experience, expertise, knowledge and industrial resources, are dedicated to putting together automotive packages of the highest quality. Our driven and passion-fuelled team subscribes firmly to the notion of caring for our clients’ needs, right up to the last detail – so that we can give them peace of mind. We take pride in everything we do – working hard to make sure all our automotive solutions are technically exceptional and emotionally gratifying.

Our goal is to provide each client with the best solution. Ensuring that one receives only the best advice and service has become the imperative and highest priority in our business. We believe in doing our utmost to meet and exceed every client’s motoring requirement and ensure maximal satisfaction.

To this end, we are committed to provide our customers with a trusted, one-stop and all-inclusive “Total Automotive Experience”: a concept that encompasses all 5 key capabilities of Teck Wei, structured to readily and effectively meet a driver’s car-related needs – from selecting a used car from our extensive fleet range, financing, insurance & leasing – in a hassle-free and convenient setting.

So, join us and embrace a whole new automotive experience with us today.


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